Our office provides high quality labor and insurance services for every form and type of business. Our obligation is to direct and monitor the implementation of labor and insurance legislation, while undertaking the management of human resources in the above departments, in order to achieve:

• Carrying out work in any insurance fund, inventory in the register of employers, or declaration of change of employer details.

• The completion and submission to the competent services of the forms of recruitment and dismissal or departure of staff such as, the Announcement of Employment, Indefinite or Fixed Term Employment Contract, Part-time or Rotating Employment Contract, Announcement of Individual Termination of Employment Contract, of the Personnel Table of article 16 L.2874 / 2000. Submission of statements of work shift programs. The compilation of the above will be done under the responsibility of the Company and by the person responsible for the operation of each branch.

• Drafting and submission of employment contracts and Notification of Terms of Employment Contracts PD196 / 94

• The observance of the company's payroll and the presentation of the insurance of its employees, such as the issuance of payroll statements, insurance contribution statements, payroll receipts and payroll certificates.

• The issuance and submission of the Detailed Periodic Declarations (APD) of IKA insurance contributions or their supplementary ones and for any other insurance fund or insurance body.

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