Our office undertakes accounting, tax and labor services for businesses and individuals,
NSRF program studies, private insurance and financial advice.

Our office provides high quality accounting and tax services for every form and type of business. Our obligation is to direct and monitor the smooth operation of the entire financial and accounting system of your business.

Our office provides specialized advice and guidance to our clients on financial and insurance issues that concern them in order to serve their needs in the most efficient way and to expand their businesses, maximizing their value.

Our office provides high quality labor and insurance services for every form and type of business. It is our obligation to direct and monitor the implementation of labor and insurance legislation, while undertaking the management of human resources in the above departments.

Our office undertakes the timely information on the financial opportunities of subsidizing the establishment of new businesses or the reorganization of an existing business. Undertakes the pre-evaluation of financial proposals, the preparation and submission of grant proposals until the final implementation of the projects and the completion of payment from the European Programs.


The accounting and tax office of Nikolaos Tsiamoulos based in Tripoli, for 45 years offers a range of comprehensive accounting and tax services for all tax needs of individuals and companies,

Our office has a long experience in bookkeeping, complete knowledge of the subject and we undertake the full coverage of our customers in all areas of economic activity, in a friendly and efficient manner.

From setting up your business to monitoring and strategy, we work with our customers to help them achieve their goals and evolve.

We closely monitor the tax developments of our country, informing and protecting our customers in a professional and even way, so that they proceed in accordance with the legislation and the resulting amendments.


We are able to utilize all European and National programs in order to improve the business performance of your company










Our office has been active since 1980 in Tripoli in accounting and tax matters, offering businessmen and individuals the most reliable option.

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