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Our office provides high quality accounting and tax services for every form and type of business.

Our obligation is to direct and monitor the smooth operation of the entire financial and accounting system of the company, in order to achieve:  

  • The control of all the documents to be registered in the accounting files of the Company.
  • The control and agreement of customers - suppliers - cash and other accounting files and statements.
  • Compilation and submission of periodic VAT return, Vies, Intrastat
  • The preparation of a Periodic Return Tax Return.
  • The preparation and submission of data and notifications to ADAE to the Taxisnet Service.
  • Controlling the course of the results and informing the Company
  • The preparation of annual financial statements and their submission to the competent GEMI Services.
  • The preparation and submission of Business Tax Returns
  • The compilation and agreement of the data submitted to AADE within the framework of the operation of the myDATA Service ..
  • Business Partner Income Tax Returns
  • The submission of Financial Data of the Company to Services as defined by the current legislation.
  • Updating and submitting financial statements and data to credit institutions. The information and submission of the above will be done under the responsibility of the Company and with the approval of the person responsible for the operation of each branch.

For all the above, in addition, telephone support is provided in matters of taxation, insurance and legislation of commercial enterprises Monday - Friday 09:00-14:00.

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